Plough Anchor

plough anchor

So named due to its resemblance to a traditional agricultural plough (or more specifically two ploughshares), the plough anchor produces a plough-style design, all based on or direct copies of the original CQR (Secure), a 1933 design by mathematician Geoffrey Ingram Taylor. Plough anchors are  


popular with cruising sailors and other private boaters. The plough anchors are generally good in all bottoms, but not exceptional in any. The CQR design plough anchor has a hinged shank, allowing the anchor to turn with direction changes rather than breaking out, while other plough anchor types have a rigid shank. Plough anchors are usually stowed in a roller at the bow.

Owing to the use of lead or other dedicated tip-weight, the plough anchor is heavier than average for the amount of resistance developed, and may take a slightly longer pull to set thoroughly. The plough anchor cannot be stored in a hawse pipe.


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