Boat Maintenance

Boat Maintenance

Cleaning the hull of your fiberglass boat with consistency can prevent the appearance of ugly stains and alleviate salt or mineral residue. Numerous boat maintenance products claim superiority in the hull-washing process, and each one has its own adherents. Wash your hull every time soon after using it in saltwater, and any time after the boat has sat in either fresh or salt water for a while or has been operating at slow speeds (as in trolling).

Boat Maintenance | Things You'll Need

Garden hose with spray nozzle Bucket Boat cleaner (or any general-purpose cleaner like dish soap) Large sponge Long- and short-handled scrub brushes Spray bottle Protective gloves Greased Lightning (for the tougher stains) Hull cleaner with oxalic acid (for the toughest stains)

boat-maintenance1. Boat Maintenance | Rinse the hull thoroughly with the hose (and also the deck if you plan to clean that at the same time).

Redwood and cedar are popular wood choices for decks due to their good looks and long wear. Some Decks are relatively lightweight, with most of the weight being in the hull to provide stability to the boat.

Many boat owners aim to keep their pleasure craft's deck in tip-top boat maintenance condition. To ensure that your deck is shiny and bright, you must regularly clean this section. The complexity of your deck cleaning boat maintenance depends in large part upon the stains that have found their way onto your deck surface along with how recently you last washed the deck. By engaging in regular deck cleaning, you can simplify your boat maintenance. Does this Spark an idea?

Many deck cleaners are only partially effective in removing black marks and scuffs from their deck surfaces. Because scuffs are so difficult to remove, you may need to try a harsher cleaning chemical. recommends that boat cleaners trying to remove these stubborn stains try a solution of muriatic acid. This cleaning solution is available at many boat specialty stores. Because of the potentially abrasive nature of the solution, cleaners should not use it more than two to three times a year.

Spend lots of time keeping the work area clean to avoid dust getting onto the finish of the boat during drying. Read all instructions for boat maintenance paint and cleaners. Unlike house painting, boat painting is unforgiving.

Paint the entire surface of the boat with primer using foam rollers and the roll and tip method. Use the tip of a brush to carefully pop any bubbles from the roller. Clean your paint brush regularly with thinner. Once the primer is dry, check for any indents on the hull and fills with fairing putty. Once cured, apply next coat of primer.


In order to determine the biodegradability stakes of detergents, there is cause to explain what surfactants or tensides are. A surfactant is an element that is part of the composition of the detergent which is endowed with a wetting, emulsifying, solubilising and foaming power. It allows us to lower the surface tension of water. Soaps are the best known tensides or surfactants. They are obtained by mixing a fatty substance that can be of a vegetative (olive oil), animal (tallow) or mineral nature with a basic substance (soda, potassium chloride, etc.). They are generally used to clean laundry, the dishes, etc. There are also surfactants obtained by synthesis, most often coming from petroleum. They are made by converting compounds by sulphation or sulphonation... Finally, there are surfactants from the vegetative world. These are oleaginous like copra oil, palm-kernel oil,colza oil, etc. or compounds from proteins or sugars extracted from cereals for example.

BIODEGRADABILITY : These different origins of surfactants are used today. We have made the choice to prioritize turning towards surfactants of a vegetative origin. MATT CHEM MARINE creates detergents from selected ingredients of an easily renewable origin. Their natural origin and their biodegradability assure them a better compatibility with the marine environment.

The choice to use boat maintenance surfactants and composition elements of an easily renewable or vegetative origin in cleaning detergents allows us to respect the regulatory obligations of ultimate or final biodegradability in order to reduce as much as possible all damage to the environment and the health of users. For MATT CHEM, biodegradability is the destruction

of surfactants contained in products and also composition elements by micro-organisms, bacteria and other biological agents, oxygen, etc. It is for this reason that it is imperative to calculate the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of formulations in order to assure their complete aptitude to biodegradability (decompositions in carbon dioxide, water, mineral salts, etc.).

Boat Maintenance Tips by Matt Chem Marine USA


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