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Boat Cleaning Products | Cleaning Boat Seats

Spray a marine vinyl cleaner, available at stores that carry boat cleaning products, on the seat. Do only one boat seat at a time so the product does not dry on the seat before you have a chance to clean and rinse it. If you don't have marine vinyl cleaner and choose to use soap and water, mix a tsp. of mild liquid soap with one gallon of water in a bucket (a separate one from your rinse bucket).

Wear gloves and safety glasses when using cleaners and other boat cleaning products designed for aluminum, as these can be quite harsh.

Aluminum fishing boats are popular both for their light weight and for their relatively low maintenance. With minimal care, an aluminum fishing boat will last for many years without an issue. Still, there are a few steps in basic boat care that help to ensure that it does last, and that it will look its best. To care for an aluminum fishing boat, one of the most important things you can do is keep it clean. When cleaning your boat, always read the boat cleaning products label to make certain that any products used are specifically designed for aluminum.

boat_cleaning_productsBoat Cleaning Products | Instructions

1 Remove the boat from the water every few days and allow it to dry. This is a part of preventative maintenance that helps to prevent the buildup of algae and other organisms. Anti-fouling paint also helps with these issues, though aluminum takes special care to paint.

Detergent is always among the best boat cleaning products. If you want, you can buy a dedicated boat cleaner that combines detergent compounds with other chemicals like solvents, but if you want to save some money then add a cup of household detergent to a gallon of water and use this solution instead. Use a sponge for washing, and wear gloves to avoid skin problems.

Apply paste type shoe polish. Ensure that you are using a polish that is specifically made for leather. The paste type polish will help to preserve the leather and bring back its original color.

Fiberglass Boat Cleaning

Waxing your gelcoat will help protect it and restore its gloss. It is important that you only wax after you have finished cleaning off all oils and dirt. Look for a boat wax that can help restore worn gelcoat.

Rubbing compounds act as stain removers and can be applied to nearly any surface on a vessel. Only a small amount is needed to remove stains from fiberglass. Rubbing compounds are often used when a boat is taken out of the water. Cleaning and polishing a boat can create a great sense of pride in the boat owner. The materials above can all be found at a marine store, and various types will be appropriate for different boats, projects and phases of restoration.

Paints for refinishing boats come in a wide variety based on their function. Bottom coat, or "antifouling paint," is a type of paint used to coat the bottom of the boat to protect it from erosion, chemicals, and wear and tear. Bottom coat comes in hard and soft varieties, and in many colors. Soft coats are best for boats that will stay in the water for long periods of times. These paints actually slough off the boat while it is in motion, protecting the layers beneath by wearing off algae, chemicals, and salts. Hard coats are better for boats coming in and out of the water via trailer. These paints provide the same protective power but stay on the boat rather than sloughing off while the boat is in motion. Bottom coats should be reapplied based on the manufacturer's directions, as some brands last longer than others. Prices will often reflect the length of time the coat will last.

Pressure wash the boat. You may want to add algae-removing products to the tank on the pressure washer. Otherwise, fill a garden sprayer with an algae-removing product. Spray the product on the algae thoroughly. Allow it to sit for the recommended length of time, and then rinse with clean water. Use a scraper for any stubborn areas.

Regularly cleaning boat upholstery maintains the appearance of the seats, and experts will tell you that attractive upholstery enhances the resale value of your boat. Here are the simple steps to clean boat upholstery.

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