Spoon and SeaBlade Anchors

Another Line of Spade Anchors

The Spoon Anchor
Spoon: optimal performance at a nice price

Finally an efficient and inexpensive anchor!

Affordable, practical, simple and efficient: these are the main qualities of the brand new Spoon anchor. Thanks to its advanced technical features, Spoon combines simplicity and high performance.

First of all, its mechanically welded production in galvanized steel provides it with great resistance and a long lifespan. Then, it’s very sharp flat spade makes it easy to penetrate in all kinds of sea beds, even the trickiest ones (mud, seaweed, sand...) and its bar enables an optimal reversal of the anchor. Thanks to the optimization of the penetration angles and to the holding surface/weight ratio, it sets in almost instantaneously.

At the moment, Spoon is available in four different models ranging from 7 to 20kgs (15 to 44lbs.) and it fits all shanks on every kind of boat up to 14 tons and 17 meters long. Regardless of the circumstances and whatever the use, this new anchor allows you to finally relax and thoroughly enjoy all boating delights... Without going broke!

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The SeaBlade Anchor
SeaBlade: worthy little sister of the Spade

Newest product developed by the R&D department of Sea Tech and Fun Europe, manufacturer of the famous Spade anchor, SeaBlade offers considerable advantages to the most demanding sailors. Extremely efficient, it benefit it’s from the best design components of its elder sister. However, it is more affordable due to manufacturing costs reduction. Thanks to the combination of these assets, SeaBlade likely is the anchor with the best performance/price ratio on the Market.

Designed for all kinds of moorings, SeaBlade digs in quickly and deeply. Its sharp tip is unique: it concentrates 35% of the weight, unlike competitors’ anchors which do not exceed 32%! Moreover, its center of gravity has been positioned at a very low level in order to prevent it to trip under load. Finally, its large spade surface allows it to resist under the worse conditions. Thus, thanks to its carefully designed shank shape, SeaBlade only releases when its owner wants it to.

Technically, this anchor has very unique features. First of all, it takes the shape of the Spade anchor: concave profile, curved shank and spade, flukes. But it also has a reversal bar, a sharp tip and a reinforced tailstock. These distinctive features provide it with an optimal position of attack and prevent it from scraping seabeds - unlike plough anchors. The playground of SeaBlade has no limits. It is especially at its best in areas of high mooring concentration. This is due to the unique shape of the shank, thoroughly tested on Spade, which narrows its turning radius.


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