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  • Hassle Free

    No special mooring line or anchoring technique needed. Set it and forget it. Free Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty and 6 Month Performance Warranty with every Spade Anchor.

  • Visual Satisfaction

    The bright yellow color provides the ease of visually checking how well the anchor is dug in. Robust design coupled with beautiful curves make the Spade Anchor stunning on your bow. 

  • Ease of Use

    The anchor effortlessly self-launches and self-retrieves itself. Aggressive quick setting action due to a lead weighted tip, make the Spade Anchor easy to use. 

Spade Anchor Owner Gallery

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Spade Anchor offers a variety of one-of-a-kind boat anchors that are ideal for a range of vessels. These hassle-free boat anchors require no special techniques or mooring lines: simply sit back and let their self-launching design go to work. Their plow-shaped design digs deep into the sea floor, and once they’ve made contact with the sea bottom, these anchors set into place and will not budge. To enable you to see for yourself how well the anchor is holding into the sea bed, each beautifully curved anchor is painted with a bright shade of yellow. When it’s time to haul the anchor back up to the bow, these anchors self-retrieve for a quick and easy return. Regardless of the weather or sea conditions, you’ll rest assured that, with a Spade anchor, your vessel isn’t going anywhere.