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Anchor Refinishing Kit

Our Anchor Refinishing Kit works faster than re-galvanizing, and it is also less expensive to do it yourself!

Our Anchor Refinishing Kit can be used as an important part of your anchor maintenance routine. This anchor care kit is made from a high grade, two-part epoxy with corrosion-resistant filters for use in any environment. Our exclusive anchor maintenance kit can be applied over manually or mechanically prepared surfaces to provide a primer or top coat for rusty surfaces. The Anchor Refinishing Kit can be easily applied by brush or roller to achieve a dry film thickness of 6 to 12 mils.

This anchor care kit is made from non-flammable materials that are also highly adhesive and anti-corrosive. You can partially mix the system or mix the entire unit depending on the project. The Anchor Refinishing Kit cures down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit in high humidity environments.


Remove all oil and grease. Wire brush, grind or use a sand blast.

Mixing and Application

Mixing Ratio: 3 to 1 by volume
Color: Silver Grey
Non Flammable
Clean up tool: MEK or Toluene
Percent Solids: 100%


Can cause skin and eye irritation. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. Consult MSDS for more information.


Follow all instructions. Mix 3 to 1 by volume. Apply three coats to all surfaces of the anchor. Let cure for three days before use. You can partially mix the contents of the kit.

Working & Curing: 68F (20C)
Useable life - 35mins. at 68F
Touch Dry - 8 hours at 68F
Hard Dry - 16 hours at 68F
Minimum over coating: 6 hours at 68F
Maximum over coating: 12 hours at 68F
Cooler temps - longer time
Warmer temps - shorter time

Cures down to 35F in high humidity environments.