Sookie approves!

Sookie approves!

I opened the box and pulled my new Spade anchor (ground tackle), the words started singing in my head. “This is ground control to Major Tom…” That’s all an anchor is, right? Ground control, real estate management, a nanny and a bedtime story with a warm glass of milk and a cookie all Learn more

Real World Experience with the Spade Anchor

We are gearing up for another hurricane season in the southern Bahamas.  Over the years we have swapped out our 3/8” chain for new chain and updated our 3/4” New England Ropes anchor rodes. What has not changed, and will not change are the two big Spade anchors on our bow.  Learn more

Research is key

When selecting an anchor, research is key. The issue is that there are a lot of anchor test results to wade though. Try to key in on who is paying for the tests, what companies have reps present at the testing, and so on. Many recent tests were paid for directly Learn more

What is the Best Boat Anchor for Your Boat?

When in the market for a boat anchor it is important to know what separates quality anchors from the rest of the competition. We leave it to the experts to determine what anchors are the best on the market. For over 20 years the Spade Anchor has consistently out-performed competitors in Learn more

Why Spade Anchor is the Strongest Anchor for Your Boat

The patented revolutionary design of the Spade Anchor has been labeled as the strongest anchor by many online boating experts, and is like nothing else in the boating anchor industry.  The reason being is that plow shaped anchors are designed to plow the sea floor, as they move through it – Learn more

Spade Anchor is the World’s Best Boat Anchor and Here’s Why

We love our products and really enjoy talking about them, the only thing we love more is to hear about our customer’s Spade Anchor stories. On a weekly basis we receive pictures and testimonials of people using their new Spade Anchor from all over the world. Take John for example, the Learn more

Sailboat Anchor

The Spade Anchor is considered the best sailboat anchor in production. Repeated independent testing has shown our anchors to be the best anchor in the world. With Aluminum anchors, Galvanized anchors , and Polished Stainless steel anchors available directly to the public, Spade Anchors has all of your ground tackle needs Learn more