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Select Our Galvanized Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel Spade Boat Anchor sizing chart Below to Learn More, see pricing or place an order now.

Boat Length Boat Weight Model Weight
Galvanized – Stainless
21 < 2,200 40 12 6
24 < 4,850 60 21 10
34 < 9,920 80 15
41 < 14,330 80 33
52 < 26,450 100 44 26
59 < 35,270 120 55
65 < 44,000 140 66 41
75 < 50,700 160 77
75 < 57,300 180 99
82 < 66,130 200 121 57
98 < 88,100 240 165
< 330,900 380 243

*Larger Custom Sizes Available

Spade Anchor sizing chart

First of all choosing the right anchor for your vessel is crucial. To help you decide which Spade Anchor is best for your watercraft, we’ve created a helpful anchor sizing chart for you to reference as you make your purchase. Also this chart takes the length and weight of your boat into account. In addition to the anchor’s material, from galvanized and stainless steel to aluminum, to help you choose the proper anchor size.

Spade Anchors have excellent holding power in a variety of sea beds.  Furthermore repeated independent testing has shown the Spade Anchor superior over any other anchor on the market. Whether you tie up your boat for a few hours or for a few weeks, you can rest assured that your vessel is safe when it is docked with a Spade Anchor. Use our anchor size chart to find the perfect size boat anchor to sail the waters confidently. Or contact us directly with any questions you may have.

Spade Anchor Has the Best Warranty and Return Policy available.

Our 6 month Performance Guarantee states ”If you’re not completely satisfied with any of our products, you can return it hassle free for full purchase price within 6 months from start time of use“. Also anytime within 6 months from start of use you can return any products for full purchase price, and apply the purchase price towards an upgrade or a refund of the difference for a downgrade.In Addition to the 6 Month Performance Guarantee, You’re Covered by our limited Lifetime Warranty.

All returns/refunds are subject to a 15% inspection based restocking fee. Stainless Steel models that are returned via shipping are subject to inspection by Spade Anchor. Value of refund for stainless steel models is determined by condition of the boat anchor at inspection.