Spade “A” Aluminum A200 (57 lb.)


Aluminium Boat Anchor

Anchor Weight: 57 lbs

A200- For boats up to 82 feet, weighing less than 66,000 lbs.

This aluminium boat anchor at 57 lbs. performs and holds the same as a S200 Galvanized Spade Anchor 121 lbs. This is due to the fact that when an anchor is in the set position, the weight of the anchor then becomes a minimal factor. In the set position holding power is accomplished by having a broad concave surface.

Spade Anchors are the only lead filled aluminium boat anchors in the world! Over 50% of the anchors total weight is in the tip.  Coupled with an aggressive angle of attack, and broad chisel shaped tip gives the Spade Anchor unmatched setting ability and resetting ability. This robust anchor tip allows the Spade Anchor to penetrate grass/sand/mud with ease. 2 piece design allows for easy storage and deployment.

Independent anchor testing confirms that the Spade Aluminum Anchor is unmatched by any other aluminum anchor.  Spade Anchors are storm tested and proven. Having been in production for over 30 years, the Spade anchor has shown time and time again that when the storm clears you will not have dragged and will be safely where you started.

Ideal for racers or boats without a windlass. Save weight without sacrificing performance.

Sleep well at night knowing that your safe on the hook, with a Spade Anchor. What’s on your bow?


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