Spade X200 (121 lb.)


New generation boat anchors.

Stainless Steel Boat Anchor

Anchor weight: 121 lbs

X200- For boats up to 82 feet, weighing less than 66,130 lbs.


Spade Anchor’s stainless steel new generation boat anchors go beyond superior form and function. These stainless anchors’ polished finish makes them a gorgeous addition to your vessel. With a glossy and polished finish, these anchors blend with the rest of your boat’s detailing for a cohesive look. Yet standout enough to be the star at the Marina.

Beauty aside, these stainless steel new generation boat anchors are extremely durable. Constructed of 516L marine grade stainless steel. Their concave shape allows them to delve deep into the sea floor and hold tight for a powerful grip and a reliable hold. Able to cut through sand, mud, and coral, you’ll relax knowing your boat is secure regardless of the weather or sea conditions. Bright yellow paint allows you to check how well the anchor is secured into the sea floor. Self-launching and self-retrieving, these stainless anchors are easy to use regardless of where you are docking.

Most of all, repeated independent testing has shown Spade Anchor stainless steel boat anchors to be far superior to any other anchor available.

All models meet the seven safety criteria:

1. The anchor must dig in rapidly, regardless of the type of sea bottom.

2. The anchor must bury itself deeply within the bottom.

3. Once set, the anchor must give the maximum holding power without dragging.

4. If the traction force exceeds the bottom holding characteristics, the anchor must offer constant, and maximum, resistance to dragging – even if it moves under extreme load.

5. The anchor must keep on holding, regardless of the shift in direction of either the wind or the current.

6. The anchor design must not allow the anchor rope to become snagged by the anchor.

7. The anchor must be built strongly enough to withstand very high loads.

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