Spade “S” Steel S200 (121 lb.)


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Anchor Weight: 121 lbs

S200- For boats up to 82 feet, weighing less than 66,130 lbs.

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  1. Eric Stephan
    5 out of 5


    We bought my Spade 200 in the summer of 2000. During the past 16 years, it has gone from Seattle, through the ditch and over to Florida, then from Seattle twice down to Mexico, as well as nine seasons in the Gulf Island of Canada. We have a Norseman 447. (And yes, it is a larger anchored that recommended) but, as Steve Daschew says in his Cruiser’s Handbook, when buying the right anchor, “keep buying bigger anchors until your neighbors laugh at you, then double the size.”)

    The number of anchorages we have been in is in the hundreds. The conditions: benign to somewhat terrifying. Never once has it failed us. In Mexico we would routinely dive on it and always find it holding very well with no drag tracks. In several anchorages, our boat would swing twice each day in complete circles. Under those conditions, the Spade would simply corkscrew deeper and deeper. During the “Storm of the Century” (2001) in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, most boats anchored out in the bay dragged and two went up on the rocks. We didn’t move. Thanks Spade.
    Eric Stephan, S/V Indara

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