Skrew Mooring Anchor

Anchoring System for Permanent Mooring

(Skrew Anchor)

To make permanent moorings, to anchor floating docks or fish farms, basins, etc… For equal weight, the helicoid anchors have a higher holding than any other type of anchor. This type of anchoring can also be used for many terrestrial applications, when it is necessary “to anchor:” something temporarily or definitively in the ground, soft ground or sand.

Skrew Chart 5.11.15 (2)

– For an inexpensive price, the holding of the helicoid anchors is the best.
-Made of hot dipped galvanized marine steel, so their lifespan is very long.
On the opposite of the temporary anchors, they do not dredge on the sea bottoms, and do not require a great water height ration for the mooring line.  They are thus respectful of the sea-beds ecology.
The “Skrew” anchor is made out of high strength steel. The rod is forged of only one metal bar with a round eye fixation.
Installation is carried out using a bar passed in this eye.

Skrew Mooring Anchors


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